Only in love with wood, stone and plaster, can advise you a work adapted to your personality, in harmony with your dwelling and your budget.

If a restoration or a restoration is before a whole business of confidence, it is also a love affair.



Montreal unveils La maison coup de coeur - Lauréat 2012

The 5,000 participants who voted online have chosen 2197-2199, rue du Souvenir in the Borough of Ville-Marie as the big winner of this year’s La maison coup de cœur contest.

Built in 1893-1894, this home in the Borough of Ville-Marie was constructed in an architectural style inspired by the Second Empire. A painstaking restoration project in 2010, along with careful maintenance over the years, has allowed the house to retain its original appearance, with its rusticated stone facing, decorative woodwork, staircase, entrance doors and slate tile roof. The Montréal area is filled with architectural treasures that create a rich urban landscape that is a joy to discover and rediscover.

These houses bear witness to the history of those who have shaped our architecture and our way of life. Preserve, maintain, repair and replace with identical elements: this is how we honour our built heritage.

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That you are particular or professional, we place at your disposal our human and technical means to answer your waitings and you ensure a work of quality in the rules of the Art.

RDP prove regularly that quality does not imply necessarily a high cost.

We propose several interventions to you to protect, embellish and transform your frontages.

What we propose to you:
- Cleaning of frontage (with the steam or cold water).
- Setting color of your frontage.
- Restoration by sanding or hydrosablage of your frontage.
- Transformation of your frontage (bays & windows)
- Embellishment by stone installation of size.
- Rejointing (all colors available).